The Sandwich Generation, Part Two

I was thinking of nontraditional students today (again!)
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Sometimes nontraditional students must be responsible for so much - school, children, and even parents.

Is your parent ill, or needing your help? Do you have children too? An important thing to now is that you are not alone.

This posting is also about The Sandwich Generation - - that's sometimes Baby Boomers, who are just the age to be caregivers for parents, and also have children themselves.

This can make for a lot of stress.

Here is the original article (just click on the yellow link to go there).
The Sandwich Generation

There are some helpful links here, and some sites and advice that can help with the stress and difficulties of being part of this Sandwich Generation.

I know that part of dealing with stress is the attitude you have about it. A hopeless attitude can sometimes only make things worse. (Something you DON'T need at all.)

Being in a support group definitely can help with this, because there are ways of making what seems impossible easier to manage.

After all, there are only so many hours in a day. Nobody expects anyone to be super-human. But guilt and lack of energy, plus depression are real issues that can happen when someone has to deal with a lot of family issues.

I know I felt overwhelmed in the past sometimes when I was taking care of my mother. And when my daughter was  teenager. But I know many people deal with those same feelings every day. Somehow, it helped to know that I was not alone, and that there were places and people online and offline that could help.

I hope these tips from the article can help some nontraditional students today.

Do you also have some tips for people who have a lot to cope with at home or with their family? List your tips as a comment. I'd appreciate that, and so would other nontraditional students.

And my heart goes out to you older students, who often have tough issues to deal with.

Former Nontraditional Student at WKU
(Education, English and Allied Arts)

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