Some interesting links - and have a GREAT Thanksgiving week coming up.

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I have a few interesting links for you today for those times this week besides planning a holiday menu, cooking, working, or doing a shopping list for the holidays.

One interesting link is from my Find Scholarships and Grants blog. It is for readers that live outside the US or are International Students who want to find ways to attend college here in the U.S. Here is that link:

Funding for International Students Coming to the U.S. to Study

And here are some other links to help nontraditional students. They are from the Nontraditional Students Facebook page.

MOOCS (Free online courses) to Be Evaluated for Possible College Credit (NY Times)

KB Connected (for Teacher Ed students) - 30+ Sites for Students Who Finish Early

6 Things Adults Should Know about Going Back to School (from the Edudemic site)

I hope things are going well for you on your educational journey.

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