Nontraditional Student Bloggers - some fun people to meet

Hi, nontraditional students!

I hope school, work, or research about being a nontraditional student is going well.

Some time ago I shared some great nontraditional student blogger links with you.

typing - from NotFromUtrecht on the site.

Today I am sharing some more.

A Blogger at the University of Maine talks about being a commuter in "Features - Commuters and Nontraditional Students Make Their Mark."

The Regent University Student Blog page features more than one nontraditional student.  Some of these people have submitted postings, and others have not.

Here is another new blogger, Violet, who writes about it in Violet's Vibes.

Another one is Your Mom Goes to College: Mom. Student. Blogger. This nontraditional student is about to graduate.

And for those graduate students out there, here are the Top 50 Blogs by Graduate Students from the Learning Master site.

Know of a good nontraditional student blog? Send it to me so I can put it on the Nontrad Blog.

And here is another posting you may enjoy:

50+ Great Nontraditional Student Sites and Blogs



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