Older people and the Olympics - some nontrad thoughts about it.

High school car drivers - - don't they seem to get younger every year?

Photo by Hillebrand Steve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Photo by Ian Capper under a CC Attib. and Share Alike license.

Same with the Olympics, but then, to me, contestants there have seemed VERY young before. So that's not that different. One Team USA competitor this year is Katie Ledecky, who is only 15 years old.

But Olympians can also compete when they are older.

Historically, the world has some older Olympians at some sports, like shooting, dressage, show jumping, other equestrian events, archery, sailing, fencing, track, and swimming.

This year on the US Team, the oldest member is Karen O'Connor, who is 54.

Read more: Team USA: Karen O'Connor: America's "Senior-Most" Olympian.
10 Great Older Olympians Who Went For The Gold (slideshow)

These people give me hope, and just knowing about older people competing in the Olympics just makes me feel good.

Of course, I am rooting for every person of every age at the Olympics this year!

It's an exciting Olympics. Are you watching it?

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