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Some Nontrads Newsletters to read.
This photo is by Ed Schipul.

Hi, fellow nontraditional students.

I hope you are all doing well, and going for your educational dreams. Leave a comment here at the end of this posting to share your nontraditional student experience.

I know both myself and my readers would love to hear about how it is going with a fellow nontraditional student, going back to school after a break.

We have readers here of all ages, all across the country and probably other countries too.

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And here are a few newsletters you might like now if you did not sign up in the past:

The Nontrad News #14 May 2012 

The Nontrads News #13 - January 2012

The Nontrad News #12 - December 2011

The Nontrad News #11 - November 2011

The Nontrad News #10 - August 2011

I hope you like these!

Nontraditional Student Owls - painted and photographed by Vicci

Many nontraditional student groups have the word Owl in their name. I usually think of older, nontraditional students as being wise in the ways of the world, and perhaps knowing what they want to do, or which classes they want to take. 

If you are a nontraditional student, or help them, are you older? Do you feel you know more about what you want to do with your life? Leave a comment about it!

PS You CAN do it!

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Vicci's blog (the owl artist) is moon stars and paper.

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