Two USA Today articles: President Obama talks about student loan rates, and an article about tuition by major

Two recent USA Today articles definitely are of interest to nontraditional students - and all students, in fact.

#1: More Schools vary tuition by major. Do you agree with this? Some majors would pay one price, others, like math and science degrees, would cost more. I have not heard of this before, and I wonder if more schools will jump on this bandwagon. This article is by Alicia McCarty: More schools vary tuition by major.

#2. Obama talks low loan rates in pitch to college students. President Obama has been talking about his and his wife's students loans lately. This article, by Richard Wolf, Catalina Carnia and David Jackson tells of a speech by President Obama at Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

President Obama wants to see less interest on students loans, and is speaking against raising Stafford loan interest rates to double what they are now. What do you think of this happening? Of course, it would happen only to new borrowers, but the rate is already a lot higher than I and others think it should.

The article says an even bigger problem right now is that graduates right now have few jobs to pick from. Leave a comment on these issues below. Thanks!

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