School Support for Nontraditional Students - is it enough?

Personally I think some schools DO have the right idea, or are on the right track.
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Some schools do help nontraditional students with advising, special club rooms, remedial classes, and teacher understanding when emergency family issues come up.

But some schools do not cater to nontraditional students, which I think is a mistake. More and more students are going back to school after a break, and they are all ages. Some of these nontraditional students want to only take online classes, but others enjoy being in a classroom environment.

We nontraditional students want choices, and also to be recognized for the positive influence they have in classes, that special point of view that comes with experience.

I love seeing nontraditional student groups on Facebook, for instance. How cool is that? Students can have fun while going back to school, just like other students.

What has been your experience, fellow nontraditional students? Do you feel that your school is or was supportive? Are you a staff member in charge of helping nontraditional students?

Here is the link to the Nontraditional Student section at the University of Oshkosh site. I think it looks great. I especially love the paragraph about Academic Amnesty. What is that? Erasing some grades, I think. Check it out here: Support for Nontradiitonal Students - Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement.

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