Sometimes a nontraditional student is on his or her own

Are you on your own? Or maybe you know somebody who is?

Does your family not agree with your going back to school? Do you feel like you always have to explain yourself to others? Maybe you know somebody in this situation too.

Sometimes it's hard to be a nontraditional student. I feel that this blog and the Nontrad website (along with the Facebook and Yahoo groups) are places that nontraditional students can find help and support. (And if that is what you are looking for, check out the links at the bottom of this posting.)

What is important is that you or somebody else are both doing what you feel is right. You or they are following a dream. Don't let the negativity out there bring you or others down.

Try a positive affirmation or two, like "I am working towards my future" and "I really don't want to hang around negative people anymore" become part of your life.

Do you know somebody that is on their own and is also a nontraditional student, or plans to be? Be that person's helpful friend, and just be there for them. You will be doing a lot to help that person succeed.

Former and current Nontraditional Student

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