Are you in a nontraditional student group?

Nontraditional Student Groups - are you in one?

Not all schools have nontraditional student groups. But they are fun to join and participate in.

You can check the Map Page at the Nontrad site to go to your state or country and see if there are Nontraditional Student groups at your school or in your state.

Ask your school too, they may be able to give you a contact number or the location of the Nontraditional Student lounge, if they have one.

Also, if you are a member of ANTSHE, you can check their groups list and locations there too on the Discussion Boards.

Also, some groups are listed on Facebook. I have found a few and listed them as favorites on the left side of the Nontrad Facebook page. 

And you MAY want to consider starting a nontraditional student group of your own at your school. Just saying!

If you are in a group, or want to find out more, talk about it in a comment. Thanks!

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