Great postings from other nontraditional students

There are many nontraditional students who have blogs today. I have gotten some great advice and thoughts from all of them.
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Every once in awhile, I list a couple of great blogs and postings here on the Betsyanne Nontraditional Student Blog for people who have not yet checked them out on the left hand side of the blog (some links are there) or online.

Here are just two out of many great blogs and sites I like.

#1. Older Non-Trad Student - this is one of my very favorite blogs. Zickbee lives in Ashville, North Carolina. She recently graduated and has her graduation picture up on the site. She is still a nontraditional student, though, and is still taking a college class this semester.Her latest post is "Are You Auditing?" I think that auditing a class could tempt a student not to work as hard and maybe not to learn as much.

#2. GED Stories - this blog features actual emails from people going back to school to get their GED. They talk about successes, fears, and what getting a GED means to them. Some of these stories are really touching.

I like to visit this site as often as I can, because sometimes I can get tunnel vision about who I am helping. It's not just college students. I have to remind myself sometimes that going back to school can mean getting a GED, which can open many doors for nontraditional students.

I think people can encourage other people here just by commenting and encouraging GED students and other nontraditional students who blog about their experiences.

What is a favorite blog that helps nontraditional students that you read regularly or know about? Please list it below as a comment. Thank you!

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