The Value of a Dream

Just what is the value of a dream? 

By dream, I mean something you have always wanted to do or learn about in your life.

For instance, are you stuck in an office job, and always wanted to work outside?

Do you dream of being able to help people, be a medical doctor, a teacher, a writer or artist?

You may have always wondered if you could actually do what you have always dreamed of.

So what is holding you back? Maybe it's so-called reality, the reality of making a living, of having responsibilities, a family, a house, a mortgage, kids.

This man does not see a way out.
What is the guarantee that going back to school is even going to net you a job in today's job market after you are done with your schooling?

The answer is, there IS no guarantee. But that doesn't mean you need to give up.

There are some things you can do that can make your choice of whether you can go back to school a wiser one. One thing you can think about is to maybe go to trade school, (which can be less expensive) and another to really research jobs in your area.

Ask yourself, are there openings for that dream job?

Another idea: have you applied for scholarships or grants? Many of these you don't have to pay back.

Ack! I don't have my assignment done!
So think about it. Thinking about it doesn't cost anything. Research and applying for scholarships or grants just takes time.

Going to the Advising Office of a school only takes time too. You never know... there could be money just waiting for you to use.

Well, that's it for today. I want to wish you the very best of luck in your search for fulfillment in your job or career.

Nontraditionally Yours,

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  1. I am just a few months away from achieving one of my dreams. I will finally have my bachelors. I never thought I would.

    Great post.

  2. Congratulations!!! You did it!!!


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