Some great new links with information for nontraditional students

Some great links and examples from Nontrads on Twitter.
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 I was doing my regular searching for great links to use as my Twitter postings when I found another one this evening, that I think nontraditional students will like, especially those thinking about some jobs they could train for, that don't take forever to learn.

Here it is:
Start a New Career at Any Age (via Yahoo)
This is right down our alley!

One example here is a Paralegal job as a new career. This job has always appealed to me because I think it might have some fun moments. For instance, you might hear about actual court cases and be included on vital information you may not learn anywhere else.

I guess I am just semi-hooked on legal TV shows and movies too.

I know that not everyone scans Twitter all the time. So for people who don't, here are a few more recent Twitter links from @nontrads I found that may appeal to many nontraditional students:

Credit your information for papers more easily with Son of Citation Machine

Are you in Pre-Med? Try the Old Pre-Meds discussion group and site.

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RT @Continuing_Ed: You Might Get Free Tuition if You're Older than 60...

I hope you enjoy these! Feel free to visit me at  @nontrads, @betsyanne, or @scholarsgrants anytime.

Later, nontraditional students and helpers!

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