So just what is a MOO Card?

I was doing my usual surfing around today on Yahoo and read a great article about little-known tricks that help people find a job. It was on the Hotjobs area of Yahoo.

One of the hints was to get a Moo Card. They are like business cards, only better - edgier and more fun. Included in the article was the link to the site, so there I went.

The cards I think the author means are about the size of a label. They are smaller than regular business cards, but cuter. They are priced at $19.99 and up. You can put more than one color photo on them.

Here is the site for making your own Moo cards:

I will definitely read this and find out more about it. It IS time for me to make more cards, and I don't know whether I'll go ahead and get new Moo cards, or order again from the great online company VistaPrint that I've used already three times. Vista is easy to use and very cheap, too.

The getting a job article is here:
And here are the printers:, and

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