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Just for Nontrads:
How to be your own cheerleader

#1. Write down at least five things you do well or do well at school. Refer to these things every time you need to. Put the list somewhere you can look at it whenever you doubt yourself. A friend can help you with this list if you can't think of many things.

#2. Think positively. Use the Glass Half Full option. Make a choice to look at things from a good viewpoint if you can. This option can make it easier to be positive.

#3. Join a cheerleading group, like the Yahoo Nontrads. You can talk to other nontraditional students there, talk about things, and feel better.

#4. Take advantage of online help. There are some great sites to help you be your own cheerleader. Join these sites to give yourself a better self-image. (see the end of this blog for sites to try out).

#5. Reward yourself for studies, reports, quizzes, or tests done right. This could be a trip to the park, a hike, a new outfit, a new pen - - whatever you want.

#6. Be organized - keep things in the right place so you don't waste time. A good cheerleader always knows where the outfit is, and practices the routine. Make a homework schedule. Write down when classes are, and never miss.

Pretty soon, you'll be patting yourself on the back for saving loads of time, and keeping up with everything your teachers want you to do. This will increase your self-esteem.

#7. When you are stressed out, try meditating or having some quiet time. Remind yourself of what you are going back to school to accomplish. Keep in mind that everything will not be so stressful later on, when you have completed your studies.

#8. Also remember that as a nontraditional student, you have to deal with many other things in your life than other students. Keeping up in school is something you can be doubly proud of. You deserve kudos.

And here are some other things you can do to be your own cheerleader:

Buy yourself a ribbon or a prize statue for being back in school. Display it!

Start a Nontrads group at your school.

Post your grades every semester - put them up on the wall in plain view. If you make Dean's List, make sure your local newspaper knows, too.

Smile - even when you don't feel like it. Cheerleaders know that if you keep smiling, eventually you will feel better.

Go Nontrads!

Helpful websites:
The Nontraditional Student Website
The Nontraditional Student Yahoo Group
The Nontrad site Motivation Page
Positive Thinking Radio
Get Organized with Joe Landsberger

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    After reviewing my lessons or researching essays blog for my academic papers, I usually treat my self to a Spa or a weekend on the beach for relaxation purposes. Rewarding good stuff for my self is my way to do well in school and be my own cheerleader.


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