What are the top Nontraditional Student issues?

I put a box on the Nontraditional Student site on the first page asking what other non-traditional students would like to have as the next page on the site.

So far, 19 people have voted. Here are the top three subjects people would like to see on the site:

1. The Best Schools for Nontraditional Students
2. Nontraditional Student Homework Help
3. This is a tie - with three ideas, Motivation, Time Savers, and Jobs and Home Businesses.

I also have another poll - Top Issues, which is located down the right side on this blog. The number one issue that people have voted for as Most Important is Keeping Up with Job and Family Responsibilities.

For nontraditional students who would like to talk about these issues and more, there is a Yahoo Nontrads Group that is open to new members.

That's it for today. Good luck, nontraditional students, on all the juggling you do with school, home, work, and more. Check out the links below to find out more.

The Yahoo Nontrads Group

The Nontraditional Student website

Email me with ideas for this blog

Later, gators!

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