Finding Scholarships and Grants for School

Most non-traditional students have heard of the FAFSA form, if they have applied for a government loan for higher education. There are now two more kinds of government grants available.

Many non-traditional students have already thought also of applying for scholarships or loans. Many of these people may have already applied for a special non-traditional scholarship from their college or university. But not every college or university offers these. That's why people need to register at other scholarship sites. It is NOT necessary to pay for these sites, although pay sites do exist.

Grants are really great if you can get them. Like most scholarships, you don't have to pay them back. My favorite grant website link on the nontrad page is the Dr. Torres site because it includes internships and little-known grants and programs for students AND teachers.

When I was a non-traditional student some years ago, I wanted to look and see what scholarships and grants were available so I could list them for a non-traditional student group at Western Kentucky University. It was very important to me to list only FREE sites, since I could not afford to register at pay sites then or now.

I since have collected those sites and put them on a website. Here is the link:

There are many different sites to choose from. One of my favorites is FastWeb, because they email you about due dates and match you to a profile.

I want to collect even more sites, so if you have a favorite that is not listed, please let me know, and I'll go there to see if I should add it to the webpage. I hope you find some good leads! Nontraditional students today need all the financial help they can get. Good luck!


  1. I'd like to find a scholarship for my daughter to attend a summer talented youth program. She will be going into 8th grade. Are there any scholarships for programs like these that are not based on financial need?

  2. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Your best bet in this case is to check directly with the youth program itself. It is also possible that the counselor's in your daughter's school may know of local programs you can apply for. Often, these programs are not advertised, so you must ask about them. If nobody else has applied for them, then your daughter may be able to qualify.

    If none of these options work, a less expensive program using volunteers such as Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, 4H, Science Camps, etc. may have programs where your daughter can do projects with the help of qualified instructors that will challenge her, too.

    You may opt for summer camp that these group offer as well, where youth are offered many different options for a very reasonable cost.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Bless you for putting the time and effort into this! I'm a non-trad student and your site is right up my alley!!

  4. Thank you so much. Your comment really made my day. Check back again, because I am going to re-design the site and make it more nontrad-friendly, including revising and updating the Nontrads website and forum.

    Thanks again, so much.

  5. Why is it that all the scholarship sites I go to only apply to online education? Are there any scholarships and/or grants for those of us who are on campus? My preferred degree program, History, is not obtainable through an online program. Not everyone is an online student! Why are the scholarship and grant sites so biased toward online students only? It's incredibly frustrating!

  6. Hi! Thanks for commenting.

    I was not aware that most of the online search sites concentrated on online courses alone.

    Did you try FastWeb?

    When I went back to school I took both online AND face-to-face classes. I also want to find both kinds of scholarships and grants when I look for them.

    Did you check out the Nontrads Scholarship page already also?

    Write me back and let me know what you find. Try Dr. Torres also. He is listed at, and also Fresch at

    In fact, try all the links here:

    There is another whole page of links attached to it too. Let me know if you find what you need. If not, I will search too.

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  8. Thank you, Al. I appreciate that!

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  10. Thank you, Rob, for your kind comment. :-)


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