Non-traditional connections

This photo looks like Kentucky to me. It's from the Morguefile site, by In fact, it's the picture of the day or month, and is there when you get to the site. I'm sure that he would appreciate hearing what you think of it. He named it "Sunrise." I really like it.

Today I wanted to write about Non-traditional students (of course) and talk about their interests. What I've found by meeting and talking with many non-traditional students is that they have many and varied interests. You can't just classify a non-traditional student just by being older and in college. Of course, many have families, but not all. Some have full-time jobs, some part-time. I have met genealogy and history buffs, teachers, grad students, artists, and people with many other interests.

I think it would be good to add an interests page to the Non-traditional Students website. That way, non-traditional students could talk to other non-traditional students about things they liked, about their interests and hobbies. It's what other students do... but non-traditional students don't always have the option of hanging out at the dorm, or even talking to other students in class. I think I should wrap my mind around this. I know when I was in college the first time, it was fun to get together with other students and sing and play guitar.

That's just an example of what I am thinking about today. I think that non-traditional students need to find more in school than just the classes and the grades. They need to connect via their hobbies and interests, too. Let me know if you, readers, have any ideas about this. Thanks ahead of time.

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