Important Questions Nontraditional Students can Ask of Schools

Here are some questions (and starts to answers) for nontraditional students. 

Are you asking these questions?

1. Does your school have a Nontraditional Student group? A Commuter Student group? Others groups? Do they meet regularly?

2. Does your school belong to ANTSHE, the Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education?

3. Do Nontraditional Students have their own study area, lockers, or other facilities? A bus system? Other options?

4. Are there Child Care options on campus? Off campus? What ages are helped at these facilities?

5. Are Nontraditional Students offered housing on or off campus? Can they sign up for a dorm room if they want to?

6. What kinds of services are offered for students of all ages? Are Nontraditional Students allowed to join any student group? What about Fraternities and Sororities?

Some schools DO have these things available.

So, they are important questions to ask. They can contribute SO much to Nontraditional Students' success and can make things MUCH easier.

Can you think of other questions to ask when looking for a school? Leave your suggestions as a comment.


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