The Five Most Popular Blog Postings of 2014 for Nontraditional Students

I think you will like these! 

My #1 most popular posting: Must-Have Supplies for the Adult College Student - handy ideas for new and older nontrads.Very high on the list for ME was my Calendar Planner. With a full load of classes, it's a must-have.

#2: Finding Scholarships and Grants for School - Here are links from the Nontraditional Student website AND

#3. 10 Advantages of Face-to-Face Classes - my personal opinion - and reasons for that. Face to face classes are easier for me than on-line classes, and I've had both.

#4. Ivy League Schools are Beckoning to Nontraditional Students - this was surprising to me to find out. These are wonderful schools. Now, students can take advantage of the great classes even if they don't live in the area sometimes.

#5. Nontraditional Students in the Dorm - Really?? - I was surprised to find out that YES, some older students are taking advantage of this option. And with the new room choices, this can be a viable option.

Have a GREAT New Year, readers!


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