Nontraditional Students, find scholarships, and save money going back to school.

Find some Scholarships, Nontraditional students!
Finding a scholarship is like following a treasure map.

There are many scholarships available for older students - - more than ever. No longer do colleges and universities limit themselves to younger students. They know that more and more students today are older, nontraditional ones.

Here are just a few places to go to find these valuable scholarships, grants, and more:

#1. My Scholarship pages on the Nontrad Site - Scholarships Page One and Scholarships Page Two. There are some great links here.

Scholarships Page Two includes a special video about filling out your FAFSA. Also, there is a short article there about getting grants, how many scholarships you should apply for, and why using the correct FAFSA site is so important.

#2. Find specific scholarships at my Find Scholarships Blog. Just use the "search" function and enter the kind of scholarship you are interested in.

Good luck in your scholarship search, nontraditional students.

And remember, you CAN do it.

Plus, you can find help and support for your nontraditional student educational journey below on some more of my links.

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Some Nontrad links: The Nontrad site and blog

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