Am I too Old for Graduate School?

Here's a good article. It's by Tara Kuther,  Ph.D., who is an guide.

An older student asked Tara if she thought that they were too old to apply to graduate school.

Read her answer and article here:

Is It Too Late for Grad School? Am I Too Old for Graduate School?

I won't give away the answer, but you probably know it already. The person writing in is 42 years old. But I know that much older students have had success in graduate school.

When I went back to school, I was in my late 40's. I always had wondered what a teaching career (instead of a graphic arts/printing career) would have been like. Now I know that there are many kinds of teaching careers. It all depends where you teach. And who is helping you.

There are good points and bad points, great support and not so great, for many careers.

But I don't think that fear and thinking you are too old should not play a part in a decision to attend school, whether going for your GED, attending college or trade school, or going to graduate school.

Good article! And I hope you like it too. Are you a nontraditional student? Share your experiences as a comment. Thanks.


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