Nontraditional Students - are you ready for Fall Semester?

This is a Heads Up Posting.

Fall Semester is coming up fast. Some nontraditional students are getting some money put back this summer, and others are attending summer school.

Nontrads who are still in school have probably already done their FAFSA some time back. Their money should arrive about a week before school starts. You may decide to go ahead and get some books early, via Amazon or another site, before that, if you want to.

Some classes already have what students need listed on their website or Blackboard ahead of time.

So... are you excited? I hope so, and hope you are very organized and ready for school. There is more to it than people think sometimes.

Here are just a few postings that will help you get ready for Fall Semester.

Must-have Supplies for the Adult College Student

The Bionic FAFSA - Better... stronger... faster!

Fall 2012 Tips

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