Popular Postings and other Blogs - a Recap for 2013

A big hello to all nontraditional students and those people who help them.
photo credit: Shimer College Computer Lab via Wikimedia

Here are some postings for nontraditional students and those who help them.

10 Tips for Doing Well on Final Exams (list your own tips there too)

 Finding Scholarships and Grants for School, and

Must-have Supplies for the Adult College Student.

Also, here are some other neat blog postings and sites you may enjoy.

From The Perpetual Student - It just wasn't what I envisioned -- the author writes about her Feminist Theory class - what she likes the most, and what she was surprised about. You will also love the goat pix.

Back on my Own - this writer is going through a separation. Share her insights. Will she phone her S.I. and wish him a Happy Birthday?

A Rainy Afternoon at the Museum - - Lori shares her trip to the museum to see African art and also some antique fashion. With pictures!

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The Kissing Student fountain, via Wikimedia Commons

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