The 3 Most Popular Postings for Friday, June 20, 2013 on the Nontraditional Student Blog

I enjoy looking at and seeing the most popular postings from time to time.

These change from week to week. I find out by checking the free site StatCounter.

You can add StatCounter to your site or blog and it will tell you many things about your sites - like how many people visit each day, week, and month, plus where your visitors come from.

Here are the top three postings for this week - with comments:

#1. Finding Scholarships and Grants for School - this covers the official FAFSA page, FastWeb and the Dr. Torres site. Many people know about the first two (or should). The Dr. Torres site is less well-known, and has a LOT of resources on it. Remember to scroll down past the ads when you are going to different pages here, so you stay on the site.

#2. 10 Tips for Doing Well on Final Exams - some examples here are marking up your notes (and hopefully you have some good notes to mark) and getting plenty of rest before your test. I used to stay up all night before an important test. But this is not always a good choice. You can add your personal tips here too.

#3. Must-Have Supplies for the Adult Student - some here I wish I'd had are a lunch (packed from home - - it would have saved me money) and a backpack with a spot for a water bottle. If I were to add more items, they would probably be a smartphone (I'm still working on getting that for myself), a new small-size digital tape player, and maybe my coursebooks on disk or on my laptop.

What things are must-haves for you?

A nontraditional student is a student going back to school after a break. Go, Nontrads!

Former Nontraditional Student, WKU

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