Motivation... do you need some? I know I do sometimes.

Inspire <yourself!> Photo credit: Courtney Dirks on Flickr.

You can, and must inspire yourself - - - and acquire some MOTIVATION to go for your dreams.

Motivation can make the difference between getting a good grade and just passing.

It can help you climb the mountain you never thought you could.

It can mean the difference between getting that project done and wishing you had.

It can move you to go for the kind of life you know you deserve.

So how can you get that inspiration and motivation?

It comes from deep inside you. You have to really want something, to get motivated to do it. You have to see what working hard can get for you.

My thought I want you to realize today is that you can do it. You must dream big. You need to believe in yourself, and envision a brighter future for yourself and those around you.

That's what is right about going for your dreams, nontraditional students.

Have a wonderful week.

Nontraditionally yours,

Former nontraditional student
The Garden Spot, Kentucky

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