About the dreaded Incompletes. Have you ever had one?

It can happen.

You think you might have everything done. But things just got away from you. You haven't finished everything you need to do to finish your class.

Maybe you have been ill. Or maybe you are taking care of a sick relative. Or there could be another reason.

But things just aren't done. What to do? You can go and talk to your teacher or professor and request an I - for Incomplete.

Ask them about this if you have to. Of course, none of use want to think about getting an incomplete, because we all want to be finished - period.

And every school is different. does yours allow Incompletes? How long do you get to complete the work? Have you had an incomplete? How did it go?

Leave a comment and let me know.

It can make a big difference in your grade if your teacher or school lets you do this.

Are your projects done? Your grades already in? Here is hoping you don't have to do an Incomplete with lots of work. But there are worse things!

Good luck on the end of the year, everyone.

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