Nontraditional Students Rock! :-)

Here is a little post of encouragement. I think sometimes nontraditional students don't get enough of that.

I think Nontraditional Students rock. Why? Because many of them are working very hard to get through school.

Nontraditional students:

1. Come from many different backgrounds

2. Can have families and many responsibilities

3. Often work very hard and take school seriously.

4. Appreciate that things they want don't always come easily.

5. Must sometimes confront prejudice against older people, in school or in the workplace.

6. Often have full or part-time jobs along with their school responsibilities.

7. May not have the support they need.

8. Sometimes must "go it alone" in order to get the schooling they need, or feel ostracized in class.

9. May face an uphill battle to find childcare.

10. Rack up many bills and money to pay back in order to attend school.

Do you know a nontraditional student? Maybe that student is YOU. Give them (or yourself!) a pat on the back today.

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E. Sheppard
Former Nontraditional Student, WKU
English and Allied Arts, Education

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