Another great link discovery for nontraditional students. Need motivation?

Get even MORE motivated!

Here's a great posting I found today. It is called The Top 48 Most Motivational and Inspirational Websites.
It is from a blog I just discovered called the 8 Women Dream Blog.

I have looked down the list at what is posted, and recognize several of them.

They are:

Belief  - an inclusive spiritual site where you can read about other beliefs,

JibJab - - a funny site where you can make funny cartoons with your face or family or friends' faces and then send them via email,

MIT - a site where you can take free classes,

Seth - An interesting site where Seth talks about creativity and more,

National - which many of you know about already,

Lonely - a unique travel site, and

Project - an awesome free book site.

The others sound good too.

I hope you find them helpful. You have the classes already taken or registered for, it's motivation and inspiration that sometimes nontraditional students need the most. And that's why I write about that the most.


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