Hello, nontraditional students - chocolate - diets - fashion - backpacks, more!

Hello, Nontrads!

Here is some news about the site, and some talk about the upcoming holidays, diets, etc. etc.

I have been very busy re-doing the Nontraditional Student website. I plan to completely overhaul the design and navigation there.

For now, you can still access the old site here: The Nontraditional Student site.

Your State Pages are here: The Nontrad site Map Page so you can still check to see which schools in your state have nontrad groups. Also, call - - there are NEW nontrad groups forming all the time.

If you have some suggestions for me, please leave a comment at the end of this posting. Thanks!

I am downtown today at the Pots Place Gallery here in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and there is a huge tub of chocolates here at the table with me.

 I hope to have just one or two pieces today... but it is a temptation. Are you tempted at Halloween too?

Low-carb diets will allow for chocolates, but not a huge amount like I used to eat. Darn.

Fashion: Are you buying something new for Fall or Winter this year? What are other students wearing? I am curious.

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The new issue of the newsletter is out. Here is that link to it (it's on the top) and also to other recent newsletters. 

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So... how it school going? Leave a comment about that too. A curious mind wants to know!


PS Disregard the different fonts here. I am just beginning to learn to post using my iPad. Later, I hopefully can figure out how to post with PHOTOS too, write using another app besides Notepad, and more.

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