Why are you going back to school? Some possible reasons.

So why did you decide to go back to school, nontraditional student? I am curious to know!

I will predict that most people will answer that they are going for their dream job, or maybe studying for a promotion at work.

But I could be wrong.

Some people just want to make more money in order to make their lives better. Some others know that "that piece of paper" stands between them and maybe a promotion. What do YOU think?

Leave a comment to let me know what YOUR reasons are.

I had a poll here first, but it would not behave correctly.

Here are the answers I put on the poll. Maybe one of these describes why YOU went back to school. Or maybe not...

- I want to improve my life and achieve my dream job.

- I want to move up the ladder at work.

- I need that "piece of paper" to get the job I want.

- I want to help the world.

- I just want to earn more money. I don't really care what I take at school.

- I have always wanted to change careers. This takes schooling.

- I am undecided which career path I will take. I am deciding later.

- I am only thinking of going back to school. I don't know if I will or not.

- I really don't know why I am back in school.

- I am doing what my family or someone else wants me to do.

 Maybe sometime I will put a poll here on this posting, but today I'll just ask what you think.

I will definitely be VERY interested to see what you think. Can you think of another answer? Please leave it after this posting, as a comment.

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