More than One (academic) Love... Torn between Two Druthers?

Torn Between Two Lovers - - oops - - Druthers. 

There, I've said it. You CAN have two academic loves at the very same time.
So how do you decide what academic path to take when you aren't sure which choice is right for you? You could love science and art. Or nursing and social work. And Special Education and Drama.

So what can you do?

#1. Try the old faithful: A double major. That way if one job doesn't work out, you can always try your other love. This does take longer and cost more though.

 #2. Take an aptitude test and see which one comes out on top. Or talk to a school advisor.

#3. Make an old-fashioned "Pro" and "Con" list. See what major or profession leads with more reasons on one side or the other. 

#4. Make a guess and just pick one, although that's hard to do when you love both fields.

#5. Choose one to be your bread and butter choice (complete the requirements for that field) and tinker with the other. Take a few hobby classes and tell yourself you'll finish it later if you have to.

There is no rule about what you should take in school. And many older, nontraditional students (who are going back to school after a break) can be changing what they like as they grow and learn more about the world and themselves, or may want to break the chains of a career that is no longer right or good for them.

And I believe you can go back to school more than once. It's never too late to make that RIGHT choice for you.

Did you notice that the title almost was the title to a song some of us older nontraditional student remember? It is "Torn Between Two Lovers..." which was written by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary, and is sung by Mary MacGregor.

Here is a link to that song:

Enjoy! For some nontraditional students, this video will bring back memories!

Bye for now,
Former and current Nontraditional Student

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