Nontraditional student... can you think of a better term?

Bubbles art photo by Jurvetson on Flickr.

What's in the name "Nontraditional Student"?

Well, the older student going back to school after a break is definitely becoming MORE traditional as the years go by, because more older students are going back to school, for one thing.

Yet the term sticks.

We say a student is a nontraditional student if he or she is going to school part-time, is maybe above the age of 24, has taken a break since first going to college, is going to college for the first time after some years away, is working AND going to school, is married and/or has a family... and/or considers him or herself nontraditional.

I have heard that this term should change. But so far, I haven't heard a suitable term that takes it place. (Yet!)

Here are some suggestions:

#1. Nontrad (the same word, only shortened...)

#2. Owls (used already as a word for many Nontrad clubs)

#3. Cohorts (Just thought of this one...)

and #4. Seniors (a bad connotation is here, i'm afraid... many younger Nontrads do NOT identify with being that old, for one thing.)

Can you think of a better word or terms? I welcome the conversation!

Current and Former Nontraditional Student
Western Kentucky University and
The Pots Place Studio and Gallery 

Art from Jurvetson on Flickr.

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