You CAN do it, nontraditional students. And here are 10 reasons why...

Here are 10 reasons why nontraditional students CAN go back to school today.

1. There is no statute of limitations on when you can go back to school. And many other older students are doing it.

2. There are more class choices today - - in person classes (which I prefer) and online classes, which are handier for some nontraditional students.

3. Students today of any age can go to get their GED, go to college, go to trade school, or go to Community College if they want to.

4.There are still scholarships, grants and loans out there for motivated nontraditional students to find and use.

5. Today's job market is changing. Sometimes the job a nontraditional student is trained for is a bad fit for the future. More training can make a difference in a good career.

6. More and more nontraditional students are going back to school nowadays. Nontrads don't need to feel as alone as before.

7. Schools are actively courting nontraditional students today. Plus, many have nontraditional student groups and special advisors just for them.

8. Training for a good job, or finding out about a long-held dream can improve your self-esteem.

9. In the current job market, local training classes or grants can sometimes be found at places like Employment Centers.

10. Nothing beats the way you will feel when your completion, certification, or degree is in your hands.

Can you think of other good reasons for going back to school? I would love to have them as a comment today.


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