A new Nontraditional Student logo - tell me if you like it. I will make more later.

Hello, nontraditional students, and those who help them.

Today I am considering making some more nontraditional student logos. I have one already done:

I would like to make some other designs for Nontraditional Students. I think maybe another color, plus maybe a graduation cap OR a staggered design using the letters.

Are there some more ideas out there? I want to make it as "official" as possible, and even kind of like other Fraternal or Sorority logos.

But I may use this one (maybe with red inside the letters?) for awhile and then make another one, or maybe five more, and have my readers vote on them.

Blue is my new favorite color. It used to be violet or purple.

If you like this one, let me know with a comment. Thanks!!

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Current Nontraditional Student (Pottery and Writing)
The Garden Spot, Kentucky

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