Twitter Roundup for July - some fun links and sites from Twitter

Hello, Nontrads!

I hope you had a great weekend.  I am going to do another Twitter Roundup today for those readers who are not on Twitter.

As many readers know, Twitter can be a fun place to search for nontraditional student links and news. You just search for "nontrads" or "nontraditional students" or "scholarships" - - or whatever you want to learn about. You can put your country or state in the search box too.

Then you can click on the links and postings you find, add people, and generally have a lot of fun discovering new things.

Sometimes the postings don't really match, though - - for instance you might find a complaint or two about nontraditional students in class, or just an announcement about somebody registering for school.

These comments or postings might be extremely interesting to the poster, but not for somebody just looking for some tips or neat links to explore that might help them.

So... I will search and find good links from people I have "favorited" on the site or list links from the @scholarsgrants and #nontrads names I have on Twitter already.

Here they are, and I hope they are useful to you.

60 Digital Media Resources, via Mashable

My big list of Nontraditional Student websites version B  

RT Creating A Book - The Condensed Version <- a great little guide to writing  

Five High-Quality Scholarship Sites  

Five High-Quality Scholarship Sites  

Pinterest - my boards:  

Fun and Free Resources for Seniors:  

8 reasons not to get a business degree (but maybe an MBA...)

The 7 Deadly Regrets of Former College Students - via Campus Grotto

Should you go back to school? 8 questions to consider: via Deb Peterson at  

I hope you have a great week. Later!

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