Summer Vacation? What's that?

People think teachers have these.

But often they don't, especially if they are new teachers.

Nontraditional students also may not have them - because some are going to summer school. And others are too busy getting money for next semester, or paying their student loans.

It is SO HOT where I am in South-Central Kentucky (Bowling Green) I know it would be uncomfortable to be walking even from class to class. The neat thing about vacations is that you sometimes might be able to go where it is cool. In a STAY-cation, you can sometimes be in air conditioning and feel good too.

I think vacations ARE important. I know some nontrads can't go on vacation, it's just too hard. But I hope some nontraditional students can go on vacation, maybe by themselves, with a partner, or with their family.

This photo is of Ocean City and is by R2 Productions, LLC.

Doesn't this beach look inviting? Mmmmmm.....

Whether or not you get a "real" vacation this year, I hope you DO get some R & R. Comment below - - did you take some time off for yourself this summer? A curious blogger wants to know!

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