Some great advice from a Nontrad Yahoo Group member

Some great advice from a nontraditional student - 7 tips
This photo of St. Aidan's College is by John Phillips and has a CC license.

Amanda is a nontraditional student who is a member of the Yahoo Nontrads Group.

She wrote a new member who is going back to school, and gave some great advice to her today. It is advice that all nontraditional students can use.

Here are some of her tips:

#1.  Learn to say no sometimes. Just because you are a student, that doesn't mean you have lots of free time. Often, it means you don't!

#2. Guard your study time, because it is important.

#3. Learn to lower your housekeeping standards - it's necessary sometimes. She made a schedule for this too.

#4. Go on autopilot and don't feel guilty about it sometimes too.

#5. Try using different kinds of planners, whatever kind is easy for you to use.

#6. Keep organized... color-coding can help too.

#7. Keep easy-to-prepare food on hand to save time.

I love these tips.

Thanks, Amanda!

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