Job Finding Resources for Nontraditional Students and others

This is for all you just-graduated nontraditional students out there.

I have found some great job resources that I will share with you. Some internet and job-seeking savvy nontraditional students will already know about these.

Others may have other great links. If you do, please share them with other nontraditional students by leaving these good links as a comment at the end of this posting. Thank you!

Here are a few of the job-seeking links I like and some links that look worth exploring too:

#1. Linked In - I have already seen messages from groups I have joined (think: Alumni groups) about jobs. These jobs may not even be listed in papers or online. These people may want somebody like you. Here is the Linked In Link.

(scroll down for more sites)

#2. The official U.S. Government Jobs site.

#3. The Monster Job Search Site.

#4. The Career Builder Site.

#5. The Internet Inc. Job Search Pagehas job search categories based on what kind of job you want to research.

And here is my Job Search Pagepage I made for Kentucky.

-Betsyanne Current (art lessons) and former (teacher ed program at WKU)nontraditional student.

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