Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.

This photo is by Beverly & Pack on Flickr.

I am thinking some nontraditional students and advisors have the weekend off, and may be enjoying being with loved ones.

Other older nontraditional students may have lost a loved one recently or in the past. May your Memorial Day weekend be filled with good new memories.

Do you have a relative or parent who is a veteran? Share your memories, stories, or information below as a comment. Or perhaps Memorial Day is a day when you visit your relative's resting places.

My father was at the Bikini Atoll for atom bomb tests. Sometimes I think about what he must have thought witnessing that. What an experience.

My good wishes go out to all the families of nontraditional students this weekend, and of course to all the brave veterans, alive and dead, who fought for this country.

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