A reminder: Get connected, nontraditional students!

Hi to all nontraditional students!

Nontraditional students are a growing group across the country and abroad. Older students are realizing that they can change their lives and go for their dreams.

There are many nontraditional student blogs and websites online to help them in their educational journey.

I have several that may be helpful to you. Along with this blog for nontraditional students, there is also the Nontraditional Student website, Nontraditional students on Facebook, the Nontraditional Student Yahoo Group, and a Twitter site.

The Nontraditional Student website has different state pages where people can look up nontraditional student groups in their state. They can also submit their group to the site.

Nontraditional students on Facebook has 538 Likes.  Members can post to the Wall, and there are links and interesting cartoons and articles listed there.

Nontraditional Student Yahoo Group has 278 members. Three just joined recently. Right now, there is an introduction for a new member from Texas. I like the fact that the group is diverse and has people from all over in it. Members give advice and share how they are doing as nontraditional students or people helping them or thinking about going back to school soon.

The Twitter site shares web links and links to interesting sites for nontraditional students. There is also a site for scholarship and grant seekers at the ScholarsGrants Twitter page.

Here are some more links you may enjoy:
The Nontraditional Student blog Big List of Nontrad Links


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