Have you had a really bad cold or flu while in school?

I have what I like to call the Creeping Crud this week, complete with cough and general malaise. I don't know if a flu shot would have helped.

But it makes me think. If I were in school right now (or working) this could really throw me for a loop.

I might be lucky enough to have a job with sick days, though not all jobs have these. And yes, I have worked while sick before, though it's not a choice I like at all.

To help students who are sick or maybe have sick kids, communication is of the essence. Go to the doctor if you need to, and get an excuse slip from him or her. This can help a lot.

Arrange for notes from the class or a recording of the lecture. Make sure you have phone numbers and/or emails from at least 3 students in each of your classes, so you can call or email them for notes. Call your teacher and explain that you want to keep up on work.

Even a really bad cold or flu then can be worked around. AND if you are sick more than a week, you may want to extend your tests or class as an Incomplete, then finish your projects and still get a good grade.

And take care of yourself - - and get well soon.

<crossing fingers!>

Good luck. I wish all nontraditional students good health and quick recovery from sickness.

Here is another article here on the same subject:
Ack - what to do when you are sick - AND a nontraditional student.

Take care, nontrads!

Nontraditionally yours,
E. Sheppard
Former Nontraditional Student