Can you be a nontraditional student and not be at a regular school?

I think the answer is yes to this.

Since I started (re-) learning pottery and painting, (and soon: weaving...) part of me does feel like I am back in school. I have been doing research, reading books, and now plan to learn more with a private teacher at the Pots Place.

I will be taking a class from Bob Brigl, who is a Pots Place master potter.

I think just knowing I have a class and going at least once a week will help me make more progress. It's always too easy to say, "I have _________ (insert excuse here) to do instead..." and that is a cop-out, really. It prevents progress on art and anything I want to learn.

But it is so easy to say. Things just can get in the way if I let them. So... my solution is that I am going to MAKE time for art this year, not just talk about it. My plans are going into action.

I have a great book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron that I also will be looking at again this year. This is a great book to help artists get back on track with their art.

For many years, I was a graphic artist, working with different printing companies. True, I got to make logos and printed pieces, which can be very creative. But there is something about fine art that I have always thought was more lasting.

Back to my projects this year, which include weaving, painting, and pottery. The motto is Just Do It or Make Yourself Do It.

Like many other nontraditional students, I am taking a class in order to become more skillful, but also to have a good time.

Memphis Marsha (Marsha Heidbrink) here in Bowling Green, Kentucky had a studio where lots of artists and students could learn art from many different teachers. What a great idea. I do miss Marsha. I wish I had known her even better. I think her gallery is still open, and I plan to visit there soon to find out for sure.

If you are currently in a class, are you having a good time with your classes? Or are you studying so you can have a good time later? Or maybe you are just now considering going back to school or taking a class.

Just wondering. Leave a comment!

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More later!

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