Using your Calendar Schedulers - some tips

A human calendar by Seeminglee on Flickr.

Your Daily Calendar Scheduler(s)

I am not back in school right now, but I am using my calendar today plus a daily plan.

When I was back in school, I used a daily pocket calendar that fit in my purse. I had so much to remember each day, and this helped a lot. I liked the kind of scheduler that was compact, but still had many lines on each page for different things. I would fill those lines in with entries like:

Edu class
Paper due for ______ class today
Study group meeting time
Do part of report
Research _____ for class

It helped me split up my papers, remember appointments, and more. I used a regular calendar that did not cost much that I got at Walmart. I have seen some really nice calendars for sale at our local Staples with leather look covers I liked too.

Other Calendars
I like to have a big eraseable calendar on my front door. I have to change it every month, but it's kind of fun to do that.

Online, I like to have a reminder Yahoo calendar. There are some online too you can use. Many have automatic features such as Auto Reminders to help you remember friends' and family birthdays and other important days and appointments.

My husband uses a pocket calendar and writes down dates in the future to remember. My mother used to get me a 3-year calendar and we would plan things WAY ahead in them. You can still buy these.

Do you have a special system for your must-remember days?

Post your system or hint as a comment.

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