Education is for everyone - the Go Further Federal Student Aid website

Yes, today, education IS for everyone, more than ever.

Central Texas College by Parker Michael Knight on Flickr.

There are nontraditional students of every age taking classes today. What began as merely extra classes taken at night has exploded into online, daytime, AND nighttime classes. The Go Further Site (Federal Student Aid) has a page to help nontraditional students navigate the steps of going back to school.

They start with helping students assess themselves and their strengths, goals, and interests with tests and information on getting a GED if the student hasn't already done that.

They go on to include information on college education, how to get money for school, how much college costs, how to repay loans, and more.

Here is that site:
Student Aid on the Web

The best part is, this page is totally FREE.

Good luck, fellow nontraditional students!

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