Nontraditional students, are you in a good place emotionally?

Do you feel good right now, nontraditional students? Because it can make a HUGE difference.

Students of all ages CAN find help.
If you have problems at home, anxiety, depression, or other problems, they can make a big difference in whether or not you can handle school assignments and going back to school.

And yes, most of my readers already know this. But sometimes it can be hard to realize when you have a problem. And even harder to do anything about it.

Many people may feel that if anyone finds out about a problem they have, they will be embarrassed and feel even worse.

Are you already in school? Many students don't take advantage of the wonderful medical care that they may have on campus. This care is personal and private, between the student and the doctor or practitioner. Check to see if you have a medical clinic where you attend. Often, the school clinic offer discounts for students too.

There is also help for many students and others at many local (community) health care clinics too. They may operate on a sliding fee scale, which means that the fees are lower for people who do not make much money.

So... don't give up if you have some personal problems, class or study problems, depression, sleep problems, or don't feel good about yourself for any reason. Make that call to a help line or to the school or community clinic. It can mean the difference between succeeding and not succeeding at school, and can help so much with daily life too.

Here are some online resources that may help you or another student you know.

Tell a friend about this article. It may make a lot of difference. You may even save their life.

Here are some links that may be helpful to you or your friend:
Yahoo Groups:
Bully Online - help with bullying
Avoidant - help with fear and anxiety, more
Codependant Group
The Depression and Anxiety Group
The Personality Disorders group

Other helpful links:
The Flylady group at Big Tent (for clutterbugs)
Support Groups at MDJunction 
Find a local AA meeting
More groups at the Daily Strength Site

Please add your favorite help site as a comment. Thank you!

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