What about dating for nontraditional students?

Some News from the Yahoo Nontrads Group
Today I went straight to the Nontraditional Student Yahoo Group to see what was going on there. There are two conversations going.
One is about what to do about a loan, and the other was how to date on campus.  Dating? It's something people going back to school don't think about every day. But older students are human, too, and naturally want to find that someone special.

Older people who are single have a unique situation... they can either date younger people (which some people are doing) or just not date, especially when there aren't many social events at school.

I think having a nontraditional student group could help this situation. The leaders of the group could plan social events, and just having meetings could be a good idea and help single nontraditional students meet others.

And these connections could lead to meeting friends or friends of friends too!

Of course, you are going to have some older nontraditional students who are off the market or married, but you just might find a single person or two right in the group a nontraditional student could become friends with.

And, depending how you feel, if you open yourself up to relationships with younger people, you could have fun too. Even if there is no nontraditional student group at your school, maybe there are other people who are going back to school after a break. One idea is to maybe introduce yourself or start a conversation with somebody who looks older and may want to meet others too.

Another idea is to join clubs at the school. Many clubs are opening up to nontraditional students. Just pick one that interests you. OR start a nontraditional student group if there isn't one there already.

At the Yahoo group online, someone also suggested going to conferences and joining other groups as a way to meet new people. I think this is also a good idea.

What are your thoughts? Leave them as a comment below.

Oh - and if you are a nontraditional student and not on the Yahoo Nontrads group yet, you can join there and be Member #273.  I hope to see you there soon. And who knows? Maybe you will make a friend there too.

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