Planning ahead... and getting ready for summer

Nontrads have lives, too...
A nontraditional student having fun... blowing bubbles!

I know... Sometimes it doesn't really seem like it. A life? What's that? It can seem like a nontraditional student's life is is only about grades, pressure, stress, and never getting anything done - well, maybe some schoolwork, but the list of things to do keeps on getting longer and longer.

And that is not even counting all of the family or home responsibilities.

So... now that school is over for some, and getting into the home stretch for other, are some Nontrads getting ready for a more relaxed summer? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Some nontraditional students don't get to relax - - they must earn money all summer, or catch up on things they didn't get to do during school. And some get about two weeks before school (summer school) starts again.

Nontraditional students - - what are you going to do this summer?

Here is a poll to help me find out. 

Thanks! I can't wait to see what people answer.

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