10 Fun things for nontraditional students to do during Spring Break

Spring Break! Are you here?
Some of your fellow classmates (or maybe you?) are on the way to Florida, or even going home to visit their parents. It's a fun time and a great break from school.

What are YOU doing? Some of you (like I did) are working on school projects and portfolios. Here is a great study guide site for that (the Study Guides and Strategies site). Other people plan to take a real break during this time.

Here are some ideas for things to do during Spring Break for those who are not bogged down already with homework.

#1 Idea: Get a garden started or work in the yard. It will be summer soon. Now's the time to get that garden ready for planting. Are you going to have a raised bed garden? How about a container garden or just a few fresh herbs inside the house?

You can plan your garden, till your garden, spade up a garden spot or just put in a few flowers. Being outside (if your local weather permits) is healthy and fun. Are you an organic gardener? Here is my Squidoo page, Grow Your Own Food, Organic Gardening in Kentucky. There are some good sites listed there for seeds, and some photos of what you can grow too.

#2. Idea: Do a bit of spring cleaning. Try to go through your closet and perhaps donate some of the clothes in there to charity. You will have more room then! Clean off that kitchen table or desk and organize it. It will be easier to keep everything organized. Need help with organizing or getting rid of your stuff? Try FlyLady.

#3. Idea: Get ahead of time with a school project for PART of your Spring Break. Use the Study Guide Site by Joe Landsberger to help you. Maybe do part of the research OR write that paper that isn't due until later. Then, reward yourself by a weekend out of town, a special meal and movie, or a spa retreat at a local spa OR at home.

#4. Idea: Do some bike riding or walking every day or every other day. You just might find more personal energy available at the end of the week. (I hope to be doing this soon too...) There are some good sites to help you with this idea. One is Bicycle Safe, and the other is Cool Biking Zone, which has a great safety equipment list, including a bike flag to make your bicycle more visible.

Riding a bike, or walking, you will be seeing some fun Spring sights. Be careful to walk in safe areas, or face traffic (when walking without sidewalks) so you see what is coming at you. Bike riders know they must use the bike lane OR flow with the traffic.

If biking or walking is not convenient for you, then try to exercise indoors during Spring Break, then sit on the porch (outside!) and relax or explore your yard for part of the day.

Kirsti A. Dyer believes that walking can be therapy. Here is her Squidoo page on that: Nature Therapy - Walking in Nature.

#5. Idea: Have a "me" day. Go on a picnic, see a museum exhibit, go out for lunch or dinner, go "regular" or thrift shop shopping, and/or have your hair done. Enjoy your day, then rest well afterwards. For events in your town, try looking in the newspaper OR checking online.

#6. Idea: Catch up on your sleep. When is the last time you slept ALL you wanted to? If you can, let yourself sleep in at least every other day. In fact, why not just sleep in EVERY day? Get out a good book and read for part of the day also.

#7. Idea: Make a Vision Board for yourself. Paste or fasten pictures, decorations, etc. about what YOU want to do with your life. Then hang up your creation for yourself or everyone in your family to see. Want to know more about making a Vision Board? Try reading My Personal Vision Board by Maurice from Mobile, Alabama, or Stacie Connerty's EHow page, How to Make a Vision Board.

#8. Idea: Volunteer. Is there a group you would like to help? Try volunteering for them at least one day this week, and see how good you feel. If you can't think of a group, try Habitat, your church or religious group, a local Pet Shelter, Scouts, or another good group. Some groups travel to another area during Spring Break and help others with clean water or another project. You may want to do this.

#9. Idea: Read some other nontraditional student blogs or journals to inspire you. I have some listed here on the left side of the blog.

#10. Idea: Take a trip! It doesn't have to be to another state or across the country. You don't have to go far to have a good time. You may even know family or friends that would welcome you for free. Sometimes scout camps or other camps welcome families if they don't already have somebody staying there. Also, you can sometimes stay at another college in a dorm room for a low price if they are also on Spring Break.

Nontraditional students with families: some other ideas are to take a family trip, have art time and make some creative crafts or artwork, write something, play an instrument, listen to music, have a no-TV day, play board games, watch a favorite movie or rent one, invite friends over to chat or for lunch or dinner, OR? List your favorite things to do on Spring Break below here as comments.

Nontraditionally Yours,

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