What about YOU? Searching for meaning and purpose in my life.

Your life - is it what you want it to be?

The other day, I ran across a Facebook posting with a training or website about improving yourself and your life.

As I like several wonderful Facebook pages that are about going for your dreams, (and because I don't know which one I noticed...) I am listing some of them below here. If you are on Facebook, you can follow the links and "like" these pages too.

I think goal development, and self knowledge have everything to do with the nontraditional student today.

It is my belief that many people get stuck in their lives. They may want to do something else in their job or their life, but really can't figure out how. This is due mainly to economic concerns, but also can happen because we (I will say all people right now, because I know I am guilty of this too) simply can't visualize anything different. Sometimes a new job, a new focus, can lead to wanting more education. Sometimes it can mean switching jobs or looking into something new.

Some people DO want to start to change their lives into something better, but people around them pooh-pooh their ideas. I have heard this happen before. I have heard things like "Do you really think you can do that?" and "Dream on..." and similar things. These people can start to doubt themselves then, and quit too soon on their dreams. I am lucky to have people around me personally who listen and try not to judge my dreams or try to make me fit into their picture of what THEY think I should want with my life.

When I first graduated college, it was a graduation of necessity. Can you believe I did not know about students loans, scholarships, or grants? It's true. So like so many people, I settled for a job that was not what I really wanted. I continued in this field (printing) for many years, when what I really wanted was to pursue art and education. This is my past, but NOT my future. By learning what others have done, and allowing myself to find out about other choices, I have freed myself from my limited viewpoint, and this has opened myself up to so many more new possibilities.

Are you stuck and can't figure out how to change your life? Do you wonder what you really want out of life? I suggest doing some serious reading from these wonderful, self-affirming websites, Facebook pages, and taking some advice from them. Why? Because YOU and YOUR LIFE are so important. Why waste your many talents and not be doing what YOU want and what brings you joy?

Here are some of the best sites I have found in my search for self-fulfillment, ideas on how to make life meaningful and purposeful. You may already have heard of some of these authors, speakers, and writers. I hope these links help some people who are on the fence about further education or trying something new with their lives.

Facebook sites and pages
Robin Rice's Be Who You Are
Silent Unity - 24/7 prayer and support 
The Hope Giver 

Inspirational and transformational websites
Robin Rice's articles (on her website)
Daily Word - hope and direction for people of all faiths
Delia Sellers website (she offers a free inspirational magazine)
Dr. Wayne Dyer's official website
Baba Ram Dass's site
(just found and added) Marelisa Online - lots of great articles are here.

Sites suggested to me by others: 

The Writer's Almanac- poetry and information about writers throughout history. You can sign up for a newsletter here.

The Path of Possibility - a website for writers.

Thank you for these new sites, wonderful readers!

I apologize ahead of time for other inspirational sites I love that I have inadvertently missed here.

Some questions for my readers: What sites inspire you? Do you think that you have put others first and now it's time to put YOU first? Are you wanting to make a difference with your life? Just wondering. :-)

Leave a note in the comments section to let me know you were here. Later!


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