Old Pre-Meds site for nontraditional students

Want to be a Pre-Med student? Or maybe you already are.
Here's a great discovery today. I have put this website on the permanent links list here on the Nontraditional Student Blog.

I was working on finding some nontraditional student links today when I lucked upon this great site. It is especially for nontraditional Pre-Med students.

They just had a conference in Chicago on June 10-13, which was their 10th annual conference.

If you go to the Index page, which is here, Old Pre-Meds, Inc., you will see some posts to the right of the page. These are postings by other nontraditional students on the forum, who are telling about their educational journeys.

The site also has a discussion board (forum) , which I think is really good. The link to the discussion board (forum) is here:
Pre-Med Nontraditional Students Forum

Nontraditionally yours,
E. Sheppard

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